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Mrs. Debbie Santowski ~ Director
Mrs. Debbie has been the Director of Little Angels Preschool since it's beginning in 2002. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of North Texas with a First Minor in Psychology and a Second Minor in Spanish/ Sign Language. She has been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1991 where she started as a classroom teacher, After- School Program Director, Curriculum Coordinator and Assistant Director. Mrs. Debbie is married to her husband, Greg, and they have two adult children. Besides her family and her faith, Mrs. Debbie also has a great love for God's young children and animals.

Mrs. JoAnn Heredia ~ Assistant Director/ Spanish Teacher
Mrs. JoAnn studied Early Childhood Education and has over 25 years of experience working with young children. She is currently the Assistant Director for our preschool and also teaches Spanish. She and her husband, Ruben, are parishioners of St. Gabriel and they have two adult sons. The most amazing part of being a preschool teacher for Mrs. JoAnn is being a part of such an important stage of development. She says playing a positive role in a child's life brings great joy to her. Mrs. JoAnn joined our preschool family in 2004.

Mrs. Maryam Mirmohseni ~ Lead Three Year Old Teacher MWF
Mrs. Maryam has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and is currently working on her Master’s degree in Engineering Management at SMU. She and her husband, Ali, moved to McKinney and have two sons who both attended our preschool. Mrs. Maryam joined out staff in 2019 as an Assistant Teacher and she is very organized and patient. She says she loves this job so much that she wants to change her career to teaching and pursue a degree in Education!

Mrs. Rita Atallah ~ Assistant and Lead Three Year Old Teacher 
Mrs. Rita is excited to be joining our preschool family and she has a lot of patience for our little angels. She is a college graduate from Lebanon with a Bachelor’s Degree as a Special Need Educator. She speaks 4 languages and is very artistic! She and her husband, Elias, moved to McKinney with their daughter, Mila, who attends our school. We are so glad to have them as part of our program!

Ms. Melanie Hernandez ~ Assistant Three Year Old Teacher T/TH
Ms. Melanie is a graduate of McKinney High School and joined our staff in 2021. She is very sweet with the children and has a lot of patience for them. Ms. Melanie is currently working on earning her Child Development Associate's degree! We are happy to support her and encourage her in this effort!

Mrs. Ericka Presta ~ Lead Two Year Old Teacher MWF & Assistant T/TH
Mrs. Ericka is new to our staff and she brings a strong caring attitude to our program. She has been in early childhood education since 2018 and is wonderful with our littlest angels! She holds a degree in Graphic Design where she attended Arte AC in Monterrey, Mexico. She is very fluent in Spanish and English! She and her husband, David, are parishioners of St. Gabriel along with their 3 children. Mrs. Ericka always welcomes her students with a great big smile and hug every morning!

Mrs. Rosy Remigio ~ Assistant Two Year Old Teacher MWF
Mrs. Rosy has a certificate from the University of Dallas in Pastoral and Theological Studies. She also studied Child Development in Houston and is very excited to be a part of our preschool team! She and her husband, Jose, along with their 3 children are parishioners at St. Gabriel. Mrs. Rosy brings a great love of Christ and a lot of love to our littlest angels!

Mrs. Miriam Hernandez ~ Lead Two Year Old Teacher T/TH
We are so happy to have Mrs. Miriam in our two year old class! She is so loving and patient with the children. She likes to be creative and does fun art projects with the students. Mrs. Miriam joined our preschool in 2019. She and her husband, Joe, have 2 adult children along 3 dogs! Mrs. Miriam is bilingual and speaks Spanish.

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Mrs. Rachel Ririe ~ Music and Movement Teacher
Mrs. Rachel is our wonderful music and movement teacher! We are so blessed to have her on our staff. Mrs. Rachel has her Master’s degree in Child Development from California State University in San Bernadino. She also has owned and operated her own dance studio. She still loves to teach dance to little ones! She and her husband, Jaren, have 2 children in college and all of them are very active with their faith. We love the excitement and enthusiasm she brings to our school!

Mrs. Catie Dyer ~ Lead Pre-K Teacher M/W/F
Mrs. Catie is an honor graduate of Texas Women's University in Denton, TX and has received her Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development. Mrs. Catie also has her Associates of Arts Degree from Collin College. She brings a great love of young children, energy and enthusiasm to our program. She joined our preschool in 2016 and loves working with our older students. She and her husband, Connor, live in Aubrey. We feel blessed to have her in our school!

Mrs. Karen Gallagher ~ Pre-K Assistant Teacher M/W/F
We are so happy to have Mrs. Karen at our school! She is a graduate of Texas Lutheran University with a degree in Psychology and Business Finance. Mrs. Karen has many years of early childhood experience with the most recent being as the McKinney Preschool Supervisor. She and her husband, David, have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren! We are thrilled to have Mrs. Karen on staff as she brings a wealth of classroom experience and knowledge to our program!

Mrs. Sara Holdt ~ Lead Pre-K Teacher T/TH
Mrs. Sara was such a wonderful addition to our family in 2017! She has so much patience for little children and brings a certain calmness to the classroom. Along with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, she holds a State of New Jersey Teaching Certification and she has over 7 years of teaching experience. Her and her husband, Scott, and their twin children are parishioners of St. Gabriel. Mrs. Sara says she is passionate about educating young minds and helping to shape young learners into successful, responsible and faith filled individuals. We are very blessed to have her!

Mrs. Meagan Ruse ~ Pre-K Assistant Teacher T/TH
Mrs. Meagan comes to us with a Bachelors degree in Communication and with a minor in sociology.  In the past, she and her husband , Timothy, have served as foster parents. Their daughter, Violet, attended LACP. Mrs. Meagan came to us highly recommended as a loving and caring person who loves working with children! We are so happy to have her with us!

Mrs. Jane Freeman ~ Lead Pre-K Teacher MWF
Mrs. Jane comes to us from California where she attended the University of Southern California where she earned her Master’s Degree in Education. She has taught Kindergarten and has held many Team leadership roles at the schools where she was employed. She and her husband, Rob, are parishioners of St. Gabriel along with their 2 children. She enjoys providing effective learning opportunities for her students and she is a great addition to our team!

Mrs. Vivian Celedon ~ Pre-K Assistant Teacher MWF
Mrs. Vivian comes to us from Colombia and is very fluent in Spanish. She attended La Guardia College and has taught Pre-Kindergarten since 2013. She and her husband, Rafael, and two children are parishioners of St. Gabriel. Victoria is a student in our 3 year old class!  Vivian loves to have fun in the classroom! 

Mrs. April Morris ~ Lead Pre-K Teacher T/TH
Mr. April joined our staff in 2021 and she earned her Masters of Science degree form Baylor University.  She specialized in Communication Services and Disorders so she is passionate about early intervention with speech for children. Hank and Mason both attended LACP as well! Mrs. April also enjoys playing soccer and plays on several women's teams! 

Mrs. Jon Ann Rowen ~ Assistant Pre-K Teacher T/TH
Mrs. Jon Ann has over 20 years of teaching in preschool and was a substitute teacher for McKinney ISD as well. She is from Louisiana and enjoys going home to visit her family. Mrs. Jon Ann is married to her husband, Danny. They have two adult children who are both nurses and two granddaughters and one grandson. Mrs. Jon Ann says she cherishes teaching preschoolers and is amazed at what they can learn. The students always bring a smile to her face! Mrs. Jon Ann joined our preschool family in 2004.

Ms. Ifeoma Oladele ~ Lead Teacher
Ms. Ify joined our preschool family in 2017 and has been such a joy to have on our staff! She is full of excitement and laughter and makes her classroom such a wonderful place to be! Ms. Ify comes to us with a very diverse background. She received her Bachelor's of Science degree in Nigeria and she also has her Master's degree of Education from the University of Wales. She is very active with her faith and her family!

Mrs. Laura Crahan ~ Assistant Teacher M/W/F
Mrs. Laura joined our preschool family in 2020, and brings with her several years of experience as a teacher's aide. She moved to McKinney in 2018, with her husband, her youngest daughter and a puppy! Her two older children are college aged and live out of state. Mrs. Laura graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Psychology and Elementary Education. She is happy to be a part of LACP and loves the laughter, excitement and growth the children show every day!

Mrs. Nicole Thompson ~ Assistant Teacher T/TH
Mrs. Nicole joined our staff in 2020 as a Lead Pre- K and has been in early childhood education since 2008. She loves to have fun in her classroom and is so positive with the children. She even dressed up as a cavewoman for Halloween once! She and her husband, Robert, along with her 2 children are parishioners of St. Gabriel. We love the energy and enthusiasm she brings to our school!

We would like to recognize and thank our awesome volunteer board members! They are very dedicated and helpful with growing and ensuring the success of our preschool. May God bless you for your service!

  • Karen Krusing - Chairperson 
  • Tony Saporito - Vice Chair
  • Megan Gray
  • Paul Koury
  • Karen Krusing
  • Jamie McCarthy
  • Jim Moore
  • Elaine Sexton

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