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Little Angels Catholic Preschool

Bose Family

The Little Angels Preschool at St. Gabriel’s was a wonderful experience for my family. The kids learned about the Catholic faith in the classroom as well as a monthly worship service.

They did fun science experiments, beautiful art, Spanish, music, reading and many many other things. My kids were so well prepared for Kindergarten and they developed a love a learning!

McPharlin Family

The teachers are wonderful! They are always warm, friendly and love the children. The Directors are very supportive to the staff and families as well. The preschool also has great emergency plans in place and I appreciate the extra security doorways.

We also loved the special events such as the Halloween Picnic, Christmas Musical and Splash Day!

Harrison Family

LACP is an all-around wonderful preschool. It's a very loving and nurturing environment while also providing academic excellence. Our son loves his amazing teachers and school days are his favorite days. Welcoming community, wonderful teachers, great communication from the administration are just a few reasons why we love LACP so much.

Shea Family

Little Angels has been a wonderful school for my kids. My daughter attended and now my son is currently attending. Mrs Debbie has the best staff, they have treated my kids like they are part of their family and made them feel safe and loved. I do not worry about my kids when I drop them off, because I trust the school will take excellent care of them and teach them to love and respect each other, and God.

This school is such a blessing, in so many ways. We cannot say enough good things about LACP! Thank you for making a difference in my kids’ lives and being a safe space for their growth and development.

Galvan Family

I love that the school is a Christian preschool and with that comes the beliefs, morals and values that are Catholic based. As a parent who has had her children in secular preschools and then one that attended Little Angels, I have witnessed firsthand a difference.

My daughter is still great friends with some of her classmates from when she was 4 and now she is 12!

Hernandez Family

We have been so pleased with Little Angels and how our son has grown and developed during his attendance. That begins with the Director and Assistant Director. They are amazingly good-natured, incredibly helpful, and you can just feel that they care about each child. The teachers are loving and patient, and the staff seem genuinely happy to work there. We’ve felt that the school meets an important balance of letting kids be kids and learning in fun and creative ways; we love the art our little one comes home with.

We’ve also enjoyed that our son continues to strengthen faith in God at school as well. We’ve signed our second up and couldn’t imagine sending our kids somewhere else. It can feel so hard to know which preschool to send your children to. I walked through the door and knew this was the place for us. Our whole family has been able to participate in events throughout the year and we consider it a true blessing to be part of this school community.

Hess Family

We have loved our experience at Little Angels Preschool! We've been blessed to have both our youngest two boys attend this past school year and we hope to attend again next year! It is a super family friendly school. The kids all performed some Christmas songs at a mini concert for the families and it was so well coordinated. The class holiday parties are also a family affair which has been a fun way to get to know the families with students in the same class.

We also LOVE the wonderful teachers and staff - they are so attentive to the kids' and families' needs. Every day we enter the school we are welcomed by the Director and Assistant Director. It amazes me how they know everyone by name! Both my boys are taking Speech Therapy through the School District, and not only have their teachers been very patient with them, but they also help the boys work on their consonant blend homework. I love that there are parent/teacher meetings , and an online chat where you can communicate to the teachers and staff any needs your child might have.


I was at school dropping my boys off in November when we had the hurricane touch down in Grapevine and all the school districts in the area had their sirens going off. The weather was CRAZY outside but the Directors, Teachers, and Staff all calmly and expertly led the children into the hall as they waited for the all-clear. As you can imagine, having 60+ toddlers in a short hallway could be a crazy situation but they had music going and some quiet toys out so the children were all having a great time!

If you're looking for a well-rounded faith-based education for your children I hands down recommend checking out Little Angels Catholic Preschool.




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